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This provision applies to the entire contents of a guest or register if you like between us and the user of these sites (on site), by e-mail correspondence. Getting to know the terms and conditions of use of our site carefully. By using our website signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use and the obligation to implement them. If you do not accept the terms of use, please leave our site immediately.
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Sometimes you can restrict access to some parts of our site or the entire site for our registered users.

When you select this option or ID, password, or any other information as part of the security process it is that information does not disclose confidential information to third parties and will be used. If we do not follow the rules and conditions of use, we reserve the right to disable any user identification code or password, the volume on us or our distribution.

You're making the necessary preparations, responsible for visiting our website. It is also responsible access to all of our locations, so as to understand that the contract article uihaeyi. Intellectual Property Rights

All show the owner or intellectual property licenses and materials. This world can act in order to protect copyrights, trademarks and contracts. All these rights are reserved.

Trademarks on the website, logos and service marks ( "Marks"). In addition, page headers, these are the graphics, icons, scripts, and services and protect our intellectual property without the express written consent of hijabers123 can not be imitated or used, copied. The rules on the website can not be interpreted or acquiescence without the written permission to use any Trademark displayed on the right side of this page, or any license. This abuse or other content on the site is to prevent the publication on the website.

You can print a copy, you can download a summary of every page on our site to see the person that can attract the attention of others in the website content organization.

In any way the use of data or content, or visit the website for commercial purposes, reproduced, modified, copied or distributed without the consent of you our.

We are a brand (and define a partner), you should always check the identity of the perpetrator, such as home and our owners.

If printing, copying or use of any part of the page, downloading Use breaking immediately suspended above the space, you can choose to return or destroy copies of the content.

We also refers to the implementation of intellectual property rights, in so far as the law allows. It depends on the dissemination of information

We want the other information on the website and the content of all the comments online, it does not mean that you should rely on this recommendation. This material is not available, Al our positions because we have to be tourists or potential defendants on this, that there is no duty and no responsibility.
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We aim to regularly update the page and change the information at any time. If necessary, we are able to indefinitely suspend or block access to our site. At any time in our material, which may expire, we are not obligated to update such material. responsibility

Based on our guarantee no warranty, condition or accuracy. The user bears the risk associated with the use of the Internet.

To the extent permitted by law, expressly exclude them in touch with other members of our third party:

All conditions, warranties and rights, other provision of law or regulation stake.
Our site is not compatible with the hardware, software and communication links.
Inadequate unreliable or inaccurate location.
To the extent permitted by law, you are ordering our profits or income that you or a third party data, loss of damages, including, but are expected to lighten the losses that are incidental or consequential damages (ok, not limited to loss of income is not contrary to the agreement, loss of goodwill, loss of time, the address and / or any other loss or damage, tort (including negligence), contract, or even predictable) loss.

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